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The sub clock system was successfully put into the Guangxi college entrance examination system.

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Our company was commissioned by the examination system of Guangxi college entrance examination. In 04, we began to investigate and confirm the teaching system, and confirmed the parameters of the examination system in 05.According to the overall requirements, the installation and commissioning of the neutron master clock system in the examination system will be completed by the end of 05.

The standardized examination clock system mainly refers to a complete set of sub clock system equipment, which provides accurate standard time information service for the school examination education system, and other staff members such as teachers and students, and provides accurate time source information for other participating computer purchase control systems and other weak electronic systems in the school mechanism, so that the time and system of each system and mechanism are centralized and unified, and the same time information standard is maintained in the whole school system.

The sub clock system used in the examination system of Guangxi college entrance examination is arranged in combination with the layout of the local teaching system and the real state of the distribution of educational resources. When the clock system is selected, the clock system architecture of the network is mainly configured, that is, the communication between the mother clock system and the NTP network time protocol can provide an effective unified time service for the system in the school system in real time.

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When the parent clock system configures standardized examination system for schools, taking into account the maintenance of the weak electrical system in schools and the operation of the educational mechanism in long-term transportation, the integrated NTP time synchronization device is used as the mother clock, which integrates the reception of satellite receivers to satellites, the distribution function of the clock to the whole satellite time information, the time service function of the network terminal to the back-end equipment allocation, the function of the multifunctional interface box to the lower functions of the equipment, and so on, forming a front end device to control the functions of the whole subordinate sub clock and the client end equipment, thus greatly reducing the operation cost of the system, improving the efficiency of the early stage allocation, and reducing the input of manpower, material resources and financial resources.

In the school standardized test system, the choice of the clock is very much based on the size of the classroom.In the Guangxi standardized examination system, the secondary school classroom is mainly divided into seconds and seconds. The classroom size of 35 square meters is allocated in the size of 51*12cm. For senior high schools or large open class classrooms, the 60*40cm is the main choice. In the overall selection, the main form of presentation is determined according to the general situation of the teaching building in the school.

For the standardized test system, the input of the neutron master clock system is generally chosen according to the actual distribution in the school. The standardized examination system in some provinces and cities is determined according to the standardized test system document issued by the local government, and it is allocated according to the contents specified in the document. For more standardized examination system, please consult our company's business people!

On 2019, 06, 07, the college entrance examination will be carried out. Xi'an synchronous Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will cheer for the college entrance examination.

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