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Application of GPS satellite network timing device in Airport

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The GPS satellite network timing system developed by our company has been put into operation for one year at Xinjiang airport. All the equipment runs normally, and the time accuracy meets the requirements of the airport information automation system.

In 2018 04, our company began to make a systematic determination of the clock synchronization system of Xinjiang airport and Hami Airport, and confirm the arrangement of airport time system equipment and functional problems with users, and finally confirm the system parameters. In 06 of the same year, the equipment was shipped to Xinjiang to complete the installation and configuration of airport equipment.

The GPS satellite network timing system applied at Xinjiang airport adopts Beidou satellite datum as the base of GPS satellite datum. Its master clock selects SYN4505 standard synchronous clock. In its practical application, it can choose single GPS, single Beidou, GPS Beidou dual-mode three satellite mode system, Xinjiang airport and Hami Airport are mainly GPS Beidou mode, and other modes are complementary.

The application of the clock in the GPS satellite network timing system of the airport is based on the output of the whole. Taking into account the clock unification of the airport network automation equipment and the requirements of airport transmission equipment and speed, the multi-channel 1000M network NTP network output is chosen as the main time service link. Meanwhile, the airport's independent running automation system is synchronously determined by 485, IRIG-B code and other timing forms. The overall output mode of the master clock is compatible with a variety of popular time protocol output, which meets the unified requirements of the multifunctional timing of the automated time service system.

In the overall configuration, the airport GPS satellite network timer system has selected different specifications of electronic clock display, mainly in 5+2.3 inches, showing the days, days, minutes, and weeks. The other parameters are supplemented, mainly in the airport lobby, counters, lounges, etc., to select single and double sided electronic clock systems in different locations.

 .png map of GPS satellite timing reader

The airport GPS satellite network timing system is an integrated system clock application. When selecting, it should consider the functional requirements of the airport as a whole, whether it is arranged in the airport or at other locations of the airport, mainly based on the time synchronization in a certain area, or the overall time synchronization. The determination of its parameters can be directly confirmed with the business personnel of our company after specific communication.

Time unification is an inevitable condition for airport operation. Its aviation mechanism must grasp the accuracy of time accurately, so as to effectively control the landing and landing of flight, the control of the platform, and the accuracy of the bill. In view of the time unification of airports, our company is equipped with a variety of time unified equipment, which is used for the time unification of airport equipment, time synchronization of separate control rooms, visual time display, time mechanism test and other equipment, which can fully guarantee the high precision synchronization requirements of airport time.

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