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Successful cases of network electronic clock system

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With the development of science and technology, clock equipment is also improving. The traditional mechanical clock has been replaced by the network electronic clock in some places. The network electronic clock system is based on the satellite time signal as the benchmark and has high precision. The network electronic clock system has the characteristics of stable performance, precise time, uniform time, no mechanical transmission, and so on, and has become the regular clock used in various fields.Products.

The network electronic clock is timing based on the NTP network time signal. The NTP network time protocol can synchronize the time between the computer and the network electronic clock, and ensure the unity of time.The network electronic clock is displayed in the form of digital tube. The electronic clock of the network is configured with a special clock chip. The quartz oscillator is used inside the chip, and the chip accuracy is not more than 10ms/ years. The chip can be used for display, setting, software programming, and the chip can realize digital clock with software. The network electronic clock can display years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, weeks, temperature and humidity, etc.It can meet the needs of different users.

Network electronic clock system applications such as: hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, standardized places, etc., often used time service system.At present, Xi'an synchronous Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the network electronic clock has been applied to the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University. The hospital needs time service equipment, such as computer, webcam, network medical equipment, card puncher, hospital charging system, server and so on, and makes the hospital digital management and hospital departments unified.The specific equipment parameters are as follows:

Master clock NTP network time server parameters

Support for two satellite signals of single Beidou and single GPS

Output signal, 4 network port, 1 RS232C, 1PPS pulse.

Time accuracy 0.5-10ms, NTP request > 4000 times / sec.

Physical interface RJ45, 10M/100M adaptive

Support the latest 20000 NTP logging functions

Firewall protection, enabling SYN-flood defense, WIFI management function

When the satellite is out of lock, it has the function of punctuality.

Zi Zhong parameter

NTIP network clock receives master clock time information, supports RJ45 to support NTP/SNTP Association.

Double sided display is divided into seconds and 5+2.3 inches, and the specific size of the sub clock is 800*320*110m.

Zi Zhong carries backup batteries for a year.

Sub clock digital tube size 5mm narrow border design

Independent timing accuracy is less than + 0.2 seconds / day, LED display MTBF is more than 80000 hours.

The appearance of the clock is a black metal frame with light colored organic elements.

The timing system of the network electronic clock system, the bell clock SYN2136 Beidou NTP network time server receives the satellite time signal and takes the time reference. The clock transfers the time signal through the network port to the SYN6109NTP network sub clock and computer and other equipment, or the mother clock transmits the time signal to the switch. The signal is transmitted to the Zi Zhong and other equipment needing time by the switch respectively, and the network is realized.With the time synchronization between the device and the master clock, the master clock can give tens of thousands of equipment time service, accurate timing and cost savings.

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