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SYN2136 Beidou NTP network time server video
SYN2136 Beidou NTP network time server 
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NTP network time server description

Product overview

SYN2136 The Beidou NTP network time server has a high precision timing GPS Beidou two generation satellite receiver, which supports three working modes such as single Beidou, single GPS and GPS Beidou mixture.The time server is equipped with a 1 NTP time service interface, which can be extended to 4 channels. Each path is an independent NTP time card, independent of each other and not interfering with each other. A piece of damage will not affect the normal operation of other modules.

thisTime serverIt has the functions of password authentication, firewall protection, SYN-flood defense, encrypted communication, heartbeat detection, redundant backup, remote maintenance and real-time monitoring. It also integrates WiFi wireless management function on the basis of wired management, so that users can directly manage the NTP network time server by mobile phone.

Key word SNTP time server, time server, network clock server.

Product function Time server

1)    GPS Beidou timing signal is used to establish time reference.

2)    Provide 1 route NTP network timing interface;

3)    The front panel shows the hours and seconds of the year, the number of satellites and the working state.

4)    Support windows, LINUX, UNIX, SUNSOLARIS, IBM AIX and other operating system time synchronization;

5)    Support NTP v1.v2.v3&v4 (RFC1119&1305), SNTP (RFC2030) and other agreements ;

6)    Support DHCP function, all access to LAN port network equipment, can automatically get to IP address;

7)    Excellent security performance, providing firewall protection, enabling SYN-flood defense, greatly improving the security of internal network and reducing risk.

8)    Support heartbeat detection function, multiple time servers or multiple network ports can be set to the same IP, redundant backup each other.

9)    Support WEB, SSH encryption communication and software monitoring settings of parameter management mode;

10)   Support WEB firmware upgrade, provide parameter backup and import, system local log and remote log sending function;

11)   Provide software and hardware watchdog design, QoS function (traffic monitoring) and network diagnosis.

12)   The parameter settings file can be exported and imported.

13)   Network configuration page supports internationalization (Multilingual) including Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italy, Russian, Ukraine and so on, and can set user name password and host name.

14)   Real time monitoring of load, run time, real-time traffic and memory status;

15)   Display real-time links, including IP, communication protocol and interactive data volume of client access time server, and display historical data in graphic form.

16)   You only need to input www.syn029.cn to log on to the NTP time server to avoid recording the trouble of IP.

17)   The built-in clock source can be selected as crystal source, constant temperature crystal oscillator, rubidium atomic clock and tame module.

18)   Serial port time, time, minutes, seconds, years, months and days per second.

19)   Output timing synchronization signal (1PPS), TTL interface output;

Product characteristics

A)    Reliable performance, compact size, high cost performance.

B)    Adopting the latest version of NTP/SNTP protocol is accurate and reliable.

C)    WEB Management page humanization design, generous and simple, wired and wireless WiFi landing at the same time;

A)    The overall power consumption is small, using no fan design, reliable and stable operation.

B)    Support SNMP network management function.

Typical application

1)    Computer network, computer application system and process control management system;

2)    The time unified system and all kinds of time display screens for power plant (station) and power grid center scheduling.

3)    Electronic commerce system, B2B online system and database preservation and maintenance system;

4)    Broadcasting, finance, mobile communications, petroleum, electricity, transportation, industry and national defense.

Technical index

Input signal

Beidou GPS

Frequency point B1, L1, timing accuracy is less than 30ns, positioning accuracy: 2.5m CEP, tracking sensitivity is less than -160dBm, support single Beidou, single GPS, GPS Beidou mixture of three working modes.

1 sets of 30 meters mushroom head, including mounting bracket.

Input options

IRIG-B (DC) code, IRIG-B (AC) code, NTP, PTP, CDMA, 10MHz, 1PPS, etc.

output signal

Network output


1 way (extend to 4 way)

operating system



First level NTP server

Physical interface

RJ45, 10M/100M adaptive

Timing accuracy

0.5-10ms (typical value 1ms)

NTP request volume

> 4000 times / sec.

User capacity

Support tens of thousands of clients

Support agreement

NTP v1.v2.v3&v4 (RFC1119&1305), SNTP (RFC2030), SNMP, IPV4, IPV6, IPv4/IPv6 Hybrid, SSH/SCP, SSH/SCP (E)

management function

Web management, software monitoring and management, WiFi wireless login

Recording function

Support the latest 20000 NTP logging functions

Other functions

Firewall protection, SYN-flood defense, software and hardware watchdog design, QoS function (traffic monitoring), Chinese and English selection function, real-time view of NTP running status, network diagnosis

1PPS pulse

The 1 path TTL, the synchronization error is less than 30ns

Serial port timing

1 roads DB9, RS232C, year, month, day, time, and seconds, location information.

Environmental characteristics

working temperature

0 C ~ + 50 C

relative humidity

Less than 90% (40 C)

Storage temperature

-30 C ~ + 70 C

Clock source

Standard: built in high precision temperature compensated crystal oscillator

Options: constant temperature crystal oscillator, rubidium atomic clock, taming constant temperature crystal oscillator module, taming rubidium clock module, etc.

Dry contact alarm

Options: Satellite alarm, synchronous alarm, power alarm.

Time service software

Provide Windows system SNTP time service software, support boot self start and tray operation, support time interval settings, the largest error settings, support multiple NTP time server IP address.

Batch processing software

You can set the volume client to the time server IP, to set the time interval.

Management software

Configure and monitor the working state and working parameters of time server.


More than 80000 hours

Power supply

Standard: single power AC 220V + 10%, 50Hz + 5%, rated power: 3W

Option: dual power AC 220V + 10%, seamless switching

Chassis dimensions

1U, 19 "standard chassis (upper rack) 482mm (wide) X300 (deep) x44mm (high)


There are 1 hosts, 30 meter cable timing antenna, one antenna mounting bracket, 1 power lines, 1 serial lines, 1 wires, 1 instructions, one certificate, one CD (including instructions, time software, batch software, configuration list, configuration information, etc.).

Other options

The timing antenna cable (50 meters, 80 meters, 100 meters, etc.), antenna amplifier, antenna feeder arrester, high precision time service receiver.

SYN2101 Selection Guide



output signal


SYN2101 NTP network time server

Standard form

1 route timing network port, 1 serial port, 1 1PPS, timing accuracy less than 30ns, built-in temperature compensation crystal oscillator TCXO, containing battery, save ephemeris fast, output location information, 3 years warranty

1U, 19 "(upper rack)

AC220V, 10W


1 route timing network port, 1 serial ports, timing accuracy less than 100ns, quality guarantee for 1 years.


1 route timing network port, 2 serial port, 2 1PPS, timing accuracy less than 30ns, built-in high precision constant temperature crystal OCXO, accuracy 5e-8 (factory settings), containing battery, keeping ephemeris fast, 3 years warranty.


1 route timing network port, 4 serial port, 2 1PPS, satellite timing accuracy less than 30ns, built-in high precision rubidium atomic frequency standard, accuracy 5e-11 (factory settings), containing battery, preservation ephemeris fast, 3 years warranty.


1 route timing network port, 4 serial port, 1 1PPS, 1 10MHz, satellite timing accuracy less than 30ns, built-in satellite taming high precision constant temperature crystal oscillator, accuracy 1e-12 (24 hours averaging), battery, empty node alarm, save ephemeris fast, quality guarantee 3 years.


1 route timing network port, 4 serial port, 1 1PPS, 1 10MHz, satellite timing accuracy less than 30ns, built-in satellite taming high precision rubidium atomic frequency standard, accuracy 1e-12 (24 hours average), containing battery, keeping ephemeris fast, empty node alarm, warranty 3 years.